BRC Run – 4/22 – 6:45AM – RFTT Warm Up – 9 Miles

21. April 2017 News 0
Congratulations To everyone who enjoyed the fine weather from Hopkinton to Boston on Monday – especially to those who chose to enjoy it on the run.   Good News The next race on our calendar is a smidge shorter and a bit closer. So short and so close in fact that we will try it ...

BRC Run – 4/8 – 6:45AM – Marathon Tune Up – 10.3 Miles

07. April 2017 News 0
Diversions We’re into marathon season and all the training should be in the bag. All that is left is some fine tuning. This week we’re going to focus on a oft-ignored part of training; what to think about while you’re gadding about between Hopkinton and Boston. To that end, we have a double workout planned. ...

BRC Run – 4/1 – 6:45AM – April Fools Run

31. March 2017 News 0
Why Not We have special runs for other holidays (not that this is technically a holiday) – and those all seem to be big hits, yes? So I figured why not put something special together for this week. See, the way I figure it, if I can manage to string together 52 themed runs for ...

BRC Run – 3/25 – 6:45AM – Breakfast In Beverly (Still) – 20 Miles

24. March 2017 News 0
Here’s The Plan There were no takers for the 17-mile route so we will leave that one out. Everyone who is running will take this route: Runner may want to note that this does not include the rail-trail. Stay straight on Lowell-Main-Boston St. and take a left onto Bridge St.   Timing The objective ...

BRC Run – 3/4 – 6:45AM – Tewksbrrrry – 11.5 Miles

03. March 2017 News 0
In Like a Freezer Enough of that nice mild running weather, how about some freezing coldness, crazy winds, sub-zero wind chills, and perhaps some precipitation. The good news is it couldn’t be more than just a couple of weeks ago that you packed away all you winter running gear. Break it back out again. You’re ...

BRC Run – 2/25 – 6:45AM – February Vacation Edition – 9.8 Miles

24. February 2017 News 0
How ‘Bout That Weather? Felt a bit more like Spring Break than one would expect for February Vacation. Tomorrow morning might even be shorts and t-shirt weather. Not complaining.   School Route This route seems somewhat appropriate given that kids are headed back to school, why shouldn’t we?