BRC Run – 10/14 – 0600 – Every. Dang. Border.

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You Read that Right.

Tomorrow we’re hitting EVERY DANG BORDER. Thirty-six miles of pure joy. A twenty mile loop and a sixteen mile loop. This is your chance to get them all, and become a member of that well-regarded organization of runners you’ve longed to join. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE START TIME. ULTRA STARTS AT 06:00. (Consolation run at 06:45 –see below.) Mat has spent his precious time preparing and organizing this wondrous event, so you don’t want to be late.


Consolation Route (THIS STARTS AT 06:45)

Not quite an Ultra, you will still feel as though you have accomplished something. Here’s where the less Ultimate people will be:


The Victory Lap

So, there’s some Non-BRC Runner who is retiring from Marathoning. I guess he’s a pretty big deal. I was sent a link to this video which is well worth the time to sit and watch. You’ll enjoy it. Bring a tissue.

H/t to KMC, number dirty-one for sharing this. And if YOU share it make sure to throw in a quick #TYMeb.


Tempo post:


Warning: Reading extremely small text may or may not induce headaches, nausea, hives, irrational fears, sleeplessness, drowsiness, night sweats, or a desire to hit the author of said text. Do not read small text if you are allergic to small text. Use caution and restraint when agitated to this point of active violence against the author. For different kinds of excitement without violence, you may continue to use caution and restraints amongst yourselves. I’m going to let you decide if that’s offensive, but the differently-imaginative among you may be able to interpret it as you see fit.




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