The BRC Triathlon

The BRC shakes things up a bit the second Saturday each July. Instead of meeting at the common at 6:45 AM for a run, we meet up for a four-leg triathlon: a bike ride to Stiles Pond, a swim across the pond, a bike ride back to the common, and then a run along the July 4th 5K route. Some of us don’t have bikes, some of us swim like rocks, and yet somehow neither of these limitations stop us from signing up.

Check below for some pictures from this year’s as well as past years’ triathlons. Clicking one of the pictures will open up the entire album in a separate browser tab or window.

(N.B. We have consulted with The Authorities and bike-swim-bike-run does not mean it’s a quadrathlon. It’s still only three sports. Duathlons have three legs. And beer drinking afterwards does not qualify as a fourth sport since it takes place post-race.)

BRC Tri 2015 Pics

BRC Tri 2014 Pics