BRC Run – 9/23 – 0645 – Return of The Calendar

22. September 2017 News 0

Still Recovering.

Congratulations are in order for the three BRC teams who took New Hampshire this past weekend. Team Wait for Us repeated their dominance of the Men’s Sub-Masters Ultra with a 1st place finish. Team What R You Waiting 4? Likewise rocked it and took 3rd in their division (Mixed Sub-Masters) for the second year in a row. And not at all surprisingly, team Don’t Wait for Us wrote many violations for other teams, and “helped” them as STAFF members, while easily cruising to a 3rd place finish in the Men’s Masters division.


Lots of Options This Week


If You’d Prefer to Race

Pam L. pointed out to us this week that the Joseph Middlemiss Superhero / Rock n’ Roll 5K is this weekend. Kate Middlemiss was a kindergarten teacher in North Andover. This is a fun event that many BRC members have joined in the past. That’s this Saturday in case you don’t want to run at home.

A Local Run

So, the rest of us have to run SOMEthing. I started a new training program that has me running slow on Sundays for now. So, I just get 35 minutes at an extremely slow pace on Saturday. Last week, I sent you out for a little more than 10 miles. Longer miles will help with an upcoming event. Let’s go to North Reading. Grab Middleton for extra flavor. (If you know the way)

Pete’s Doing his Own Thing – And You Can Do it With Him

So, for some reason Pete is getting 17ish miles on Saturday. But at or about 645, he’ll be running this thing. He said you are welcome to join him. We’ll call it Pete’s Half.Inline image 2


Finally I’m Bringing Back the Calendar.

I tried adding in the calendar a few times over the last 10 weeks. Sometimes it worked. Now I’m going to focus, and add in the races I have verified dates. (wink, wink)



No person or entity associated with this run received payment or anything of value, or entered into any agreement, in connection with the depiction of running products. No animals were harmed in the making of this running route. Joining BRC has been known to impair judgement and make you think you’re funnier than you are in actual life. Repetition makes the heart grow fonder. To be honest, I’m just hoping that I can get into a groove of writing on Saturdays after the run, so I don’t half-ass it like this anymore. OMG we had so much fun causing all kinds of trouble during RTB. Team DWFU has more fun than should be allowed by law. We may have even broken a few, but at this point, what difference does it make? All we can do is look forward and work on doing a better job.  






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