BRC Run – 2/25 – 6:45AM – February Vacation Edition – 9.8 Miles

24. February 2017 News 0
How ‘Bout That Weather? Felt a bit more like Spring Break than one would expect for February Vacation. Tomorrow morning might even be shorts and t-shirt weather. Not complaining.   School Route This route seems somewhat appropriate given that kids are headed back to school, why shouldn’t we?  

BRC Super Run LI – 2/4 – 6:45AM – Patriotic 5.1 Miles

03. February 2017 News 0
Do Your Job Show up, wear your uniform properly, and do your job. This week is an easy Executive Style route of agreeable mileage but still long enough to be worth the effort. Put on as much Patriots gear as you own – mega BRC Bonus Points for anyone who brings a helmet.   Patriot ...

BRC Run – 1/28 – 6:45AM – Ten Miles It Is

27. January 2017 News 0
How About That Countdown Calendar? Great question, glad you asked. The race archive now has over 67 races and events on it. There’s just a smidge of surfing involved in finding out what the 2017 dates will be so you can plan your running year. There’s a very good chance that it may or may ...

BRC Run – 1/21 – 6:45AM – When Larry Meth Sally – 13 Miles

20. January 2017 News 0
Tough Sledding Usually we like a little bit of snow, sleet, or general inclement weather for this run. There’s a storm front forming today and I’m not sure what the impact will be around here in the morning. Guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.   Triple Border – 13(ish) Miles Here’s the ...

BRC Run 12/31 – 6:45AM – Ending the Year The Hard Way – 9.3 Miles

30. December 2016 News 0
Seems Appropriate With all of its ups and downs, I don’t think any of our routes capture 2016 better than Haverhill the Hard Way. In fact it is exactly how we started the year. Maybe we’ll be a bit more judicious in picking our 2017 inaugural route (more on that next week).   BRC ...