BRC Run – 2/18 – 6:45AM – Run to the Store – Boxford Border – 14 Miles

17. February 2017 News 0

Run On Groceries

Perhaps this week someone can explain grocery-shopping-before-a-snow-storm behavior for me. Sure, I’ve seen it before but I guess I never paid much attention to it. That was until I had to experience it. Last week I got hit with a honey-do list that included picking up “a couple of things at the store”. What the hell? Shelves were picked clean. People were pushing and dragging over-stuffed carts like garbage scows. And the manners. Let’s just say not everyone was on their best behavior. There were so many of them. Surely they knew something I did not. Right? I’m not even joking when I tell you I checked Weather Bug on my phone. How long before I could shop again? How much food would I need to tide me over? Do I really need to buy water? That last one requires a much longer discussion.


To the Store We Go

This seems like an appropriate route to discuss this topic. And 14 miles should give us adequate time.


Quickie Mart

For those of you who like smaller shopping trips or don’t need/aren’t interested in the explanation, there is this route.



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