BRC Run – 1/14 – 6:45AM – 5.7 or 14 Miles – North Reading Border

11. January 2017 News 0

Count Your Blessings

It could be worse. Much worse. Consider this; I’m traveling to San Antonio today so you know the first thing I did was to check out some possible border runs while I’m there. Basically I’d have to do a piece of work before hitting any signs for a different town. The longest border run for BRC is about 14 miles to get to North Reading and back. In Texas I think you can run 14 miles before you hit the next intersection. We are indeed fortunate to run in and around North Andover with some tightly packed neighboring towns. Nothing to complain about here.


Johnson & Johnson – 14 Miles – North Reading Border

Might be our longest border, but it’s really not that far away. You’ll be back in time for coffee.


Johnson & Salem – 5.7 Miles

And here is an Executive Route for anyone looking for a lighter option.


Countdown Calendar

Coming soon. Seriously.


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