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06. October 2017 News 0

I am pressed for time.

No imagination today. Working late. Hopefully you’re thinking about running more than I am.

Some of us have an Away Game

I’m not sure I have the whole list so I apologize to anyone I missed, but some BRC are running the Chicago Marathon this weekend. We wish our best to Rich Conrad (16), Speedy Petey (37), Angela Abbott (69), and Kristen Arakelian (84) who are off to conquer the windy city. Let’s not have any repeats of Jozef Urban in the Košice Peace Marathon last week. (Look it up)

Also everyone please wish a speedy recovery to our friends who have decided to defer their entries due to injury.

So, while they’re gone

We still get to run. I’m thinking shorter this week, but hilly. Simple route, out Great Pond, and Back on Dale.

The Ultra is Coming

It has been decided and confirmed that the BRC Ultra will be held on Saturday October 14th. If anyone is interested in completing all or part of this endeavor, you need to inform Mat Demers ( as soon as possible for planning. Volunteers are welcome to help. Details and Route Maps will follow shortly.




So, in deference to my inspiration for these little disclaimer boxes, I’d like to include the most recent Chuck Lorre Productions Vanity Card. (Yes, that’s what they’re called.) I didn’t have any muse for this week’s disclaimer, so I present CLP Vanity Card #563:


When I was a little boy the Russians were coming. At least once a week, I was instructed to hide in the school basement because the Russians were coming. I actually spent six years learning to speak Russian because when they got here, I wanted to know how to say, "Don't shoot!" (не стрелять!) And now, more than half a century later, after their dumbass system of government imploded, the friggin' Russians are still coming. How is that possible? How are we still being tormented by a nation that has yet to build a decent refrigerator or toaster, let alone a cell phone or a car? By a culture that thinks borscht is a good idea? By the people who somehow managed to contribute less to rock music than the French? I mean, sure, kudos on vodka, but how is it that these people are still making us miserable? And more importantly, why? Is world domination still a thing? And if it is, let's say they succeed. What then? The future supreme rulers of planet Earth are gonna rock the casbah with balalaikas? Forgive me, but in the words of their favorite son, Orange Julius, that is "sad."





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