The Run to Breakfast — Roll Call time

19. March 2019 News 0
All, We have only 2 people who have expressed desire to engage in the BRC Run to Breakfast. One will dash at approx 8:30 pace, and one will cruise between 9 and 10 minutes per mile, maybe slower after 14 miles in. In addition, the weather blows. Literally. The Weather Underground forecast is calling for ...

BRC Run – 03/16 – 0645 – Haverhill – 11.4 miles [BORDER]

15. March 2019 News 0
Random Jumble of Stuff Time Change. Pi Day. St Patrick’s Day. Pick your poison. Celebrate any way you like, but maybe also celebrate by going to Haverhill for a border. Pick up the Boxford border as necessary. Wear green. Bring a pie. Drink some beer. Or don’t.   BRC Express. A shorter route, but ...

BRC Run – 03/09 – 0645 – North Reading – 13.5 miles [BORDER]

08. March 2019 News 0
Out and Back. Another long mileage run this week. Head out to North Reading. Extra motivated runners can go all the way to Middleton, too. Longer distance? Speedy Petey says that “for anyone interested, I'll be running a bonus route on Saturday morning, which overlaps with the BRC route on the "out" to NR. ...

BRC Run – 03/02 – 0645 – Snow Day – 8.6 miles

01. March 2019 News 0
Problem: Not a Meteorologist: OK. I am going out on a limb here. It looks like it MAY be pretty crappy weather on Saturday. I’d rather not suggest that you run somewhere too hazardous. I had planned on recommending North Reading, but I’d feel a little bad if someone were run over by a non-beer ...

BRC Run – 02/16 – 0645 – Ballardvale – 10.2 miles

15. February 2019 News 0
Recycling We haven’t run this one in a while. Looks like fun. Plus, RWOBs can get the Andover border BRC Express and Return to Running Two options for BRC Express this week. You can run to downtown Andover, which covers most (6.3 miles) of the main route, or you can re-run the BRC 5K ...

BRC Run – 02/09 – 0645 – Sweetheart Run – 9 miles

08. February 2019 News 0
Valentine’s Day is Near What better way is there to get your heart racing than to be with your significant other? Well, start spending that time with your side chick. And by side chick, I mean your club. Long runs at sunrise, the sweet aroma of leftover Gu, that mild (or worse) perspiration and heavy ...

BRC Run – 02/02 – 0645 – Boxford – 9.1 miles [BORDER]

01. February 2019 News 0
Safer Roads? This week I thought it might be best to stick to the main roads. A simple out and back makes sure we can all follow the path. Hopefully the ice and snow is pushed back farther than on the side streets. Don’t worry too much. We have some melting coming soon. It won’t ...

BRC Run – 01/26 – 0645 – Haverhill– 11.4 miles [BORDER]

25. January 2019 News 0
No Time to Plan Didn’t have anything better to say. Go run to Haverhill. Bring everyone back. BRC Express. Shorter run for those who want to get some miles then head to the slopes. Changes coming soon.   This week. Ugh.     Erik BRC70

BRC Run – 01/19 – 0645 – Pippa– 11.2 miles [BORDER]

18. January 2019 News 0
Nice Work Congratulations to the new graduating class and welcome to a lifetime of greatness. It seems the induction was a smashing success. Many miles and many beers ahead. Keep it up. Simple Plan So, I’m away. Usually when that happens, I tend to send people to Haverhill. I seem to remember a few enterprising ...