BRC Run – 01/26 – 0645 – Haverhill– 11.4 miles [BORDER]

25. January 2019 News 0
No Time to Plan Didn’t have anything better to say. Go run to Haverhill. Bring everyone back. BRC Express. Shorter run for those who want to get some miles then head to the slopes. Changes coming soon.   This week. Ugh.     Erik BRC70

BRC Run – 01/19 – 0645 – Pippa– 11.2 miles [BORDER]

18. January 2019 News 0
Nice Work Congratulations to the new graduating class and welcome to a lifetime of greatness. It seems the induction was a smashing success. Many miles and many beers ahead. Keep it up. Simple Plan So, I’m away. Usually when that happens, I tend to send people to Haverhill. I seem to remember a few enterprising ...

BRC Run – 12/22 – 0645 – Winter – 13.5 miles

21. December 2018 News 0
Winter is here. You know how when you wait for something a little longer than usual, the anticipation can be leading up to something absolutely epic? Well, this is not one of those times. I am on vacation. So you waited. And here it is. Winter is also here. That magical time when the days ...

BRC Run – 12/08 – 0645 – West Boxford – 7.5 miles

07. December 2018 News 0
Where? I had thought about suggesting we (you) run another extremely long border run this weekend, but I know many are going to The Assault on Mt. Hood tomorrow. So, we’lll have a “step back” week and run one of my faves. Head out to West Boxford. There’s a store at the midpoint where a ...

BRC Run – 11/17 – 0645 – Feaster Warm-Up – 9.3 miles

16. November 2018 News 0
It’s Coming Silly Eating Season is almost here. According to Wiley’s “Most Obscure Seasons and Why You Should be Prepared” the tradition of Silly Eating Season began in 1543 when King Henry VIII was having such a joyous time, he didn’t want his annual harvest feast to end; so he encouraged the Royal Guard to ...