BRC In The News: Fenway Park Marathon

15. September 2017 Blog, News 0
Tonight BRCers Gene Fay and Thor Kirleis will make history (as well as themselves dizzy) by running in the first Fenway Park Marathon: 115 laps around the inside of the stadium, put on by fellow BRCer Dave McGillivray. Check out this (front page!) article in today’s Eagle-Tribune about Gene and his race tonight: And ...

New Blog Post: Training Plans

11. August 2017 Blog 0
New Blog Post: Training Plans
If you are planning to run a marathon this fall, odds are you’ve already picked the race and started on a plan to prepare for it. But if you’ve been slacking or you’re planning a shorter race like a halfie, this is a good time to get organized. There are several approaches to race prep ...

Trail Running

12. July 2017 Blog 0
Trail Running
If you followed the BRC Memorial Day shenanigans you may have noticed some activity from the Maine countryside. A few of us participated in the L.L. Bean Trail Running Festival at Pineland Farms, an event that many in the Club have enjoyed through the years. They offer a kids race, 5K, 10K, and canicross (runner ...

New Blog Post: Thoughts on Losing Weight Part 1

05. March 2017 Blog 0
New Blog Post: Thoughts on Losing Weight Part 1
Are you ready to cut a few pounds? Read this today and start you diet tomorrow! And apologies for the poor line breaks between paragraphs. We tried. So maybe you read Pete’s blog post about signing up for a spring race and are now all fired up to crush a PR soon. Maybe this past ...

New Blog Post: Spring Back from the Holidays

09. February 2017 Blog 0
Here’s some snow day reading from Speedy Petey. Enjoy! Unless you’re running a winter marathon in Florida, New England runners tend to get a little lazy and a little fluffy during the holidays and into January as temperatures drop, mornings are dark, and roads are slick. But those are just excuses and it’s time to ...

New York City Marathon Review

21. November 2016 Blog 1
New York City Marathon Review
The NYC Marathon is the biggest of the big boys. Even among the mega marathons, it’s the largest on Earth with a whopping registration of 55,000 runners, and a new world record 51,388 finishers this year, followed by Chicago, Paris, London, Tokyo, and Boston. That’s a staggering number to manage considering it’s nearly twice the ...

New Blog Post: Running Ultras

14. September 2016 Blog 0
Let’s kick off our RTB 2016 coverage with an article on ultrarunning by our own celebrity ultrarunner Pete Guza: The Ultra Any runner worth the shoes they put on knows a proper marathon is always 26.2 miles- the distance inspired by the legend of an ancient Greek messenger who raced from the site of Marathon ...

Selecting a Fall Marathon

17. June 2016 Blog 2
Considering 26.2 in 2016? Most runners know fall brings many options and your best chances for a cool and fast finish time. Some marathons are better for time, others for crowds, and others for scenery. The following list includes just a few of the many options available. If you’re going for time (check here for ...