BRC Run – 09/11 – 0645 – West Boxford – 9.11 mi [BORDER]

10. September 2021 News 0

A Run for Your Reflection

I’ve tried to write about the attacks of September 11th, and I cannot capture on paper the true emotion I have about the cowardly acts, the causes, or their enduring effects. You may have feelings about policy failures or the failure to act decisively in the face of aggression. You may know warriors who have survived the conflicts in the desert and the enduring struggle within. You may have known those who perished in the destruction of that day. I don’t have suggestions for you about how to feel or think about the calamity arising from those events. This Saturday, it would be fitting and proper to have your own reflection on the impact of that day, and the way it has changed our lives for the last twenty years. Why not reflect on the run? We’ll run 9.11 miles to West Boxford and back.


         West Boxford 9/11


Run, Randy, Run!

Also this Saturday from 9 to 10am, our very own Randy Heins will be running as the T-Rex on the Common to raise funds for the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress, as a charity for his Boston Marathon entry. Come support Randy in person, or check out his fundraising page:



Only one week away, we wish our teams the best of luck. Go prove to those of lesser mettle what it means to be a BRC runner. And then deny that you were ever there if you get caught.



·         18 Sep 2021 – Reach the Beach

·         11 Oct 2021 – BAA Boston Marathon


No quarter given





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