BRC Run – 11/06 – 0645 – Larry/Meth/Sally – 12.9 mi [BORDERs]

05. November 2021 News 0

Standard Time

Although I love this weekend, in which we get to return to Standard time and get a bit more morning sunlight to power our run, it will also change things for me, as I will no longer be 7 hours into the future. Now I will be 8 hours into the future. Coordination with my colleagues in the past will be a little more challenging. In truth, I can say that time travel has been interesting. I see a mostly barren wasteland, with sparse vegetation, and strange humped mammals with a nasty disposition. Scorpions, camel spiders, and sand vipers lurk here and there, waiting for your misstep. Diesel fumes fill the air, and the sound of large generators pervades your every waking thought. Even the nights are filled with obnoxiously bright lights at the camp, and one must shut out the invasive conditions while sleeping in his pod. There are some nice things, though. Here in the future, everyone drives Toyota Land Cruisers, and the temperature has settled itself from highs in the 120’s down to much more enjoyable range of highs in the 90’s. Juice bars provide cool refreshment and the aroma of spices fills the marketplaces. Perhaps one day I shall return to our quaint old-fashioned time where greenery exists and the air doesn’t hurt your lungs when you run. You should give thanks for your blessings, and go enjoy a nice long run with some hills. There’s no hills here.

Larry Meth Sally:  (12.9)


Ten more Volunteers Needed

Dave Tyler is still looking for help with The Run for The Troops 5K on 14 Nov. He needs 10 more volunteer course marshals. The commitment is only a couple of hours and provides a great vantage point to watch the race and cheer on the runners.  If you, your family, or a friend or two are willing to help, please reach out to Dave directly.  David Tyler <;



·         14 Nov 2021 – Run for the Troops

·         20-21 Nov 2021 – Housing Families 5K

·         25 Nov 2021 – Feaster Five

·         XX Dec 2021 – BRC Christmas Run


Camel racing with robot jockeys. You drive along the course with them! Oh, boy this is going to be great…






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