BRC Run – 06/22 – 0645 – Winter is Coming– 8.6 miles

21. June 2019 News 0

Winter is Coming

Every year the day comes that all runners despise and hold with dread in their hearts.

The Summer Solstice is here. The days are getting shorter. Save for a few intrepid souls who will dash through the darkness, many will soon be running later and later in the day. Guard yourselves well, because as today begins the summer, remember also that winter is coming. In light of that, we shall venture forth on Winter Street. Keep an eye out for the White Walkers. (Really, walkers of any race or creed. They’re out there, too.)

BRC ExpressTM

This week, the BRC Express is hitting the BRC Executive Route.  Four miles every time.


Calendar is still in the Works

Here’s some of what I know is coming up soon:

·        Tuesday — BRC Weekly 5K

Keep it up. Start at Rolf’s at 645 pm. Food, drink, and good company to follow.

·        July 4th – North Andover 4th of July Road Race

·        July 13th — The BRC Triathlon

The BRC Triathlon is scheduled for Saturday, July 13th. You have three more weeks to get ready. Number 102, Aaron Preston, has announced a call for athletes and volunteers. Reach out to him if you are interested.

·        July 30th – Yankee Homecoming

·        September 13th – Reach the Beach




So, maybe you didn’t watch the show. You still get the reference.





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