BRC Run – 12/02 – Guinea Pigs – 4 or 9.5 Miles

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I Got This Invitation

OK, I really want you to read this. I sent invitations to all NUMBERED BRC MEMBERS to join our new mailing list system. As of 10PM on Thursday, 69 addresses were accepted into the system. If you did not receive an invitation, or are having difficulty joining the new mailing list, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I’ll solve the problem. That’s what I do. The good news is that within 24 hours of my haphazard launch of this beast, I have 69 addresses ready to receive this email. Everyone keep their fingers crossed.


Hey! I DIDN’T Get an Invitation

Most of the numbered and inducted members of the BRC received an invitation. Nobody else got one…YET. We used the members as Guinea pigs in order to make sure the system worked as we anticipated. Over the next week, all of the rest of the readers of this fine column will get an invitation as well. When you do:

1. Accept the invitation

2. If there are any irregularities, problems, confusion, heartache, free beer, or something else which might interest me, send an email to me at, and we will work the problem out. Or call me at 978-835-3412. We’ll get it done; I’m mission-oriented.


Are We At Least Running this Week?

You may be saying, “All of this computer mailing list stuff is hurting my head. Can I go for a run to de-stress, and clear my thoughts?” Well OF COURSE! We have two runs lined up for you, getting ready to end the year in style. Some of you are looking ahead to the Christmas Run, and need to work on increasing your mileage. The BRC Executive Run™ is a nice way to get there


But you may ask what about those of us who need some miles? We’ve got that, too. Almost ten miles of bliss, trying to forget all of your basic computer knowledge and logic. Run this instead:


And as far as the computer stuff? It’ll be fine. Work on your brain’s “happy chemicals” instead.


Mmmmmm. Endorphins and the rest. Count me in.

Once again, I should stress that these suggested routes should only be run by trained professionals. Check here if tax deductible. Subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, we cannot disclose to you any information which we may gather and we cannot confirm to you the existence or non-existence of an investigation. Please move along.




Nobody has suggested events. The calendar is getting shorter. I have to add events going into the new year. Suggestions may be considered.

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