BRC Run – 12/09 – The Weather Outside – 12.9 Miles

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Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful.

This run is so delightful.  Sometimes we run long, and sometimes we run in bad weather. Tomorrow we get to run long in bad weather, and grab some borders along the way. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Salem.12.9mi on 12/9. Fun. There’s a convenience store at the border. BRING FOLDING MONEY FOR HYDRATION.

 Anything shorter? Maybe. Sometimes people work it out so they switch at the border, and run half of it. Some drive up to Salem, run home to the commons, and get a ride back from a friend. (This option does NOT get you a border)

 Less involved? Still want some club miles? There’s always the BRC Executive Run™ to fulfill your short mileage needs.


Hey! I have a BRC number and I STILL Didn’t Get an Invitation to the New Mailing List

We’re still not there. Some of you may not have received an invitation to get on the new mailing list. It may have gotten read and forgotten about. It may be in a spam folder. It may have gotten blocked by your ISP. Whatever the cause, by now, they are expired (they are only valid for a week). I will re-send the invitation to the numbered members. You will receive an email from Borderline Running Club with the link to join.

 When you do:

1.      Accept the invitation

2.      If there are any irregularities, problems, confusion, heartache, free beer, or something else which might interest me, send an email to me at, and we will work the problem out. Or call me at 978-835-3412. We’ll get it done; I’m mission-oriented.

Don’t be left out.

Coming to a Secret Destination Near You

Remember that the annual BRC Christmas Run is fast approaching. Be prepared next week!


Did I Miss the Christmas Lights Run?

So far, it has been postponed one week to 12/12/17 at 7:45 PM. Check Facebook for further updates.


Patent pending




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