BRC Run – 11/25 – Workin’ it Off – 5.3 Miles

24. November 2017 News 0

Time for Some Reflection

This time of year it seems natural to take a pause and assess what you’ve done this year. The longer nights and fewer daylight hours lend themselves to contemplation of what we’ve accomplished, and maybe start thinking about what we plan for the coming year. I don’t know if we’ve developed this habit over thousands of years due to seasonal cycles, where in simpler times a family may have to consider how to survive the coming winter, or if it’s a modern effect of having the time afforded to us, due to technological advance. In either case, I am thankful that you haven’t tried to lynch me yet.


Easing Back From the Table

It seems like quite a few people got out and ran the big race in Andover. There was even a Giant Baby Head sighting. We truly should be thankful for Pap offering his office and hot beverages to make our VIP Race experience. As I decided to SLEEP IN, I am also thankful for Beautyrest mattresses. As such, I don’t know who else helped out, but I know who said they WOULD. Special commendation to Lisa Plume for her pound cake, and to Nick Triano and Rusty Bilodeau for providing bagels and donuts. Given that some of you raced this, while some of you may have “raced” this (I call this option LFP – looking for pie) we will push back a little bit and take a lighter run tomorrow. Let’s charge up Bear Hill.

As always, add on as necessary to get more miles and burn off more turkey and pie.


Surprise Induction and New Uniform Night – Nov 30th – 7PM – Culpeppers

Frank has the new uniform shirts and ordered a few extras in case you didn’t get around to ordering from him. For the extra shirts, it’s first come, first served. If you haven’t paid yet, you can bring it to him at Culpeppers. In addition there is SURPRISE BRC INDUCTION for someone who DESERVES A GOOD TURNOUT. You should come. People came to yours. Reflect on that.





The calendar is getting shorter. I have to add events going into the new year. Suggestions may be considered.

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