BRC Run – 10/09 – 0645 – Ballardvale – 10.2 mi [BORDER]

08. October 2021 News 0

Is it Autumn already?

I love the fall. It’s a great time for running. Here, the daytime high temperatures are failing to break into three digits some days, and the nights aren’t nearly as oppressive. If the dust stays out of the air, it might be possible to run more than one or two miles before retreating to the gym and the sad, lonely treadmill in the corner. You have a much better opportunity. You can run to Ballardvale tomorrow.


Ballardvale (10.2):


Next week! Knights on the Run

Don’t forget that the annual Knights on the Run is happening next Saturday!

I didn’t forget.

On Monday quite a few of you will be running the marathon. The list of BRC runners that I found was from Facebook, so hopefully Facebook got all the names right, and included everybody. Remember: Facebook runs the whole Ministry of Truth. Facebook.

In any case, for all our runners, I wish you great success in achieving the goals you have set for yourselves. Go do great things. We’re all counting on you.

Dave McGillivray     100

Mike Watson          1568

Mark LaRosa           2082

Juan Zorilla             4329

Tom Kinneman       6977

Joe Loureiro            7747

Elin Anderson         12207

Jess Stryhalaleck     13835

Karen Robinson      14151

John Gorman          14489

Maura Szendey       15308

Randy Heins            19399



·         11 Oct 2021 – BAA Boston Marathon

·         16 Oct 2021 – Knights on the Run 5K

·         14 Nov 2021 – Run for the Troops

·         25 Nov 2021 – Feaster Five


Calendar is growing again. It’s about time. Almost makes up for having to read a boring generic email every week. Almost.





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