BRC Run – 09/25 – 0645 – Holly Effing Ridge and More – 5.4 or 8 mi

24. September 2021 News 0

Welcome Back 

It sounds as though our teams did some damage at Reach the Beach and had a great time as usual. Hopefully everyone is recovered and is ready for more hills. Go run Holly Ridge and come back. For an extra few hills, tackle Holly Ridge, and then go get Coventry as well.


Holly Effing Ridge (5.4):

Holly Effing Ridge plus Coventry (8):


Knights on the Run

I’m keeping this here to make sure you see it.  In-person races are a thing again, apparently. The North Andover Athletic Association is hosting the Tenth Annual Knights on the Run 5K and Knights in Training Kids Run on October 16th this year. This is the largest fundraiser for the NAAA, who fund items for the NAHS athletic department.  Over the past few years, they have helped with the installation costs of Walsh Stadium scoreboard, windscreens for the HS tennis courts, video recording devices for soccer, portable defibrillators, and 4 annual student/athlete scholarships. Come out and help support the town while having a fun morning on a run. You’re already running Saturday mornings.



·         11 Oct 2021 – BAA Boston Marathon

·         16 Oct 2021 – Knights on the Run 5K


Sorry Folks, Wally World is closed for renovations. Come back in two weeks.




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