BRC Run – 1/9– 0645 – Pippa – 11.2 miles [BORDER]

08. January 2021 News 0

It’s THAT week!

Really, it’s that time of year when many will be testing their mettle, trying to get back on the path. Committed to really making it happen this year! You know the path. It is the one that leads us to health and happiness. Sometimes it seems like such a bother. All the parking lots are crowded and the (China-virus allowed) spots in the gym are taken by these people who have just no business interfering with my workouts. You know they’re simply going to give up and go back to being sedentary donut-scarfing chair monkeys and couch potatoes soon enough. Who do they think they are?

Just kidding. Don’t be guy with that attitude. Nobody likes to listen to him whine.

The second week of the new year is upon us. Many take the change in calendar as an opportunity to recommit to bettering themselves. Some of us realize just how far off the path we’ve gotten in the process of becoming the World Champions of Silly Eating Season™. Regardless how we arrived at this point, we’re here. (OK, if you never slowed down this year, just have a seat over there for a minute. We’ll get to you next.) The days are getting longer, though the nights are getting colder. It is the perfect time to slow your runs and increase your mileage.

This week I suggest you run to Middleton via Salem Street. Turn around early if that’s too far for your place on the path.


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·         13 Jan 2021:    BRC Weeknight 5K


Annuit Coeptus. No offense is intended against those who scarf donuts. Some of my best friends are (were) donuts.





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