BRC Run – 11/07 – 0630 – Even More Distance – up to 26.2 miles [BORDERs]

06. November 2020 News 1

I’m Back from Hiatus

It seems like I fell away for a while, and now I’ve gotten back up. It has not been pretty. At the office, I have recently begun work on a new large-scale integration project that takes place primarily at night. I don’t go to my lab until after noon, and then our team works until the early morning hours. It has been a bit overwhelming, to say the least. Thankfully, Speedy Pete was able to cobble together some coherent words and get a few runs out to the group while I adapted to MY new normal. (Thank you, Pete. It has been appreciated) But you can relax. I’m back. Not for the runs, yet, since I will still be a night owl or the foreseeable future, but I think I have figured out how to fit our regular programming back into my weekly schedule. There is no guarantee that content will be fit for human (or even BRC) consumption. But you get what you pay for.


Thank You and Congratulations

Good work getting out there and grabbing ALL of the borders in one day. Our newest members to complete this daunting challenge are Gustavo Castro #118, and Chris Parker #128. Second-timers Gene Fay (#17) and Aaron Preston #102 rounded out the field. Many thanks to those who helped along the way, whether by organizing, helping with supplies and rest stops, or by running some of the route with them. This crappy year can’t stop the BRC.


Wait. The Subject Line said, “Even More Distance?”

You have a good eye. We are indeed scheduling even more distance. No, not a distance longer than the BRC Ultra, but instead we are helping our friend Doug Keith with his virtual marathon. If, like me, you aren’t marathon-ready, you could always run a few miles along the course if you planned out your own start and stop point. Doug plans to start at 6:30am on the enclosed route, and will not run faster than about 9:45/mile average (maybe slower, but this gets you out in place to wait for him)  As this course also follows the road to North Reading, you could also run that route and simply return to the Common after reaching the border. Custom routes available on request.

                Doug Keith Marathon (26.2) :

                North Reading (13.5):


Mailing List News

I have begun updating some people’s addresses and memberships on the Google Groups mailing list. There seems to be a known issue in the system where people stop receiving the group email for some reason. I’m also encountering issues finding people who are supposed to be on the list, but don’t show up when I search for all users. Bear with me. Maybe Google Groups got the China virus.




·         11 Nov 2020: BRC Weeknight 5K

·         19 Dec 2020:   BRC Christmas Run


Safe travels. Hope you keep reading. Reach some new borders. The only counting that matters is counting your borders.






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