BRC Run – 09/26 – 0645 – Reach the Beach – 10 miles

25. September 2020 News 0

…kKsHhh…is thing bac….kzzshhHH..line?

Are we ba..kshhZKhhh……at’s it. Hold it right there…..shhhHHHk…..             Check the signal.                 OK.  Enter manual mode and start test script 4b. Do you read?  Yes, I’ve got you 5:5.  Try the 50dB pad.  Are we still on? Right,  ok the phase looks good. Can I get recording enabled on this? ………


It looks like we’re stable

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. Our broadcast continues. Apologies for the disruption. Aliens infiltrated our broadcast base, and our quality was attacked from within. We’ve discovered the issues and can bring you “entertainment” once more. Or twice more. However often it seems funny, then THAT was the intentional part.


Until we reach that day of actual quality entertainment, I shall continue to send you unparalleled quantity of words designed to fill your inbox. And sometimes a route to run. This week, I suggest we run the traditional non-RTB route, and go to Stiles Pond.


Stiles Pond Route     10.3 


So, what happened?

To be honest, I didn’t set aside enough time to get an email out to you before I went away for Reach the Border 2020. However, everyone in the BRC knows that we run from the North Andover Common every Saturday at 645am, regardless of what some small part of the club does. It is always a good idea to just show up and run.




·         30 Sep 2020:   BRC Weeknight 5K

·         4 Oct 2020:     Trot for Special Tots

·         19 Dec 2020:   BRC Christmas Run


DWFU acquired the Canadian border for the BRC. Now you’re probably asking yourself, “Self? Why didn’t they ask ME to join?” And the truth is, this was just a replacement for DWFU missing out on Reach the Beach. DWFU might do it again. It might be fun to see other teams along the road to Canada. DWFU is organizing its notes and maps, and would be willing to share with anyone who desires to captain another team.






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