BRC Run – 09/12 – 0645 – Virtual Boston Marathon Day – 26.2 miles

11. September 2020 News 0

Solo Marathons are Tough

You have the power to make them less so. Several friends and/or club members are running their Virtual Boston Marathon tomorrow. The NAHS Cross Country team has even planned course support. Now, I know I’m not running a marathon tomorrow, but it’s possible that even I could help fellow runners through the long miles. Bill Lovett is running four laps of the BRC 10K Course and is adding on to get to 26.2. If we know what time he’s starting, we can choose a lap and join him for all the glory with only ¼ of the pain. If one lap of the 10K is still too much, maybe the 5K route will get you out to run, support your friends, and have a good time. Good luck to all our delayed Marathoners. We’re watching. Kick Ass.


BRC 10K:               6.2

BRC 5K:                  3.1





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