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17. July 2020 News 0

What’s Left to Say?

Aaron has done a fantastic job putting together this year’s BRC Triathlon, especially given the challenge of organization in the middle of a global pandemic. We wish each of the participants the best of luck.  For those potential spectators, make sure you adhere to Aaron’s social distancing guidelines and stay clear of and respect the participants' and volunteers’ personal space and concerns. The route is the same as usual:

Start and finish at the Common.

·         Leg 1 – 5 mile bike ride from the North Andover Common to Stiles Pond in Boxford

·         Leg 2 – 500 yard swim in Stiles Pond

·         Leg 3 – 5 mile bike ride back to the North Andover Common

·         Leg 4 – 5K run on the 4th of July race course


What about those non-triathletes?

Everyone else is encouraged to get out and run anyway. I’m pretty certain there will be people leaving from the Common at 6:45 who are not on bikes.  


Is there anything else coming up?

I’m glad you asked! To commemorate this hottest time of year, Paul O’Neill is organizing our very own “Yankee Homecoming: Covid Edition.” On Tuesday night, July 28th, we will have a 10-mile run/race starting at the NA Common with a time trial start based on anticipated pace.


 We have 17 runners signed up so far including eight from BRC.  The deadline to sign up is Sunday night, July 26th or 50 signed-up participants, whichever comes first.  This will be a unique, fun, safe event with an exciting finish around the NA Common.   Come on out and enjoy camaraderie with your fellow runners.



·         18 July 2020:   BRC Triathlon

·         22 July 2020:   BRC Weeknight 5K

o    Moved to Wednesday nights

·         28 July 2020:   YH: Covid Edition

·         19 Sep 2020:   Barkley Fall Classic

·         4 Oct 2020:     Trot for Special Tots

·         19 Dec 2020:   BRC Christmas Run



Keep going. There are just a few more weeks until beautiful running weather comes back. Besides, what else are you going to do?





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