BRC Run – 07/11 – 0645 – Salem Street – 9.1 miles [BORDER]

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That’s Hot.

July. Deer flies, humidity, and our hottest days of the year. What’s a runner to do? Well, the BRC keeps going. It may be hot, but we won’t melt. The Road Runners Club of America publishes some good tips to follow if you’re going to exert yourself this time of year. In the meantime, we can be secure in the bittersweet knowledge that we’re into the season of shortening days. No more brightly-lit five-in-the-morning runs. Each day will be dimmer than the last. Eventually, the cooler weather will catch up. The flies will die off, and the drier air will allow us to breathe free. Until then, stay hydrated, and be smart. With that in mind, I think staying somewhere we can get liquids easily would be wise. Let’s go to Boxford on Salem Street. If necessary, you can dash into Taki’s to buy a drink. If you want a shorter route in this heat, just turn back early. Keep an eye on each other!


SalemSt to Boxford (9.1):



BRC Triathlon: One More Week!

Aaron’s getting ready. I hope you are, too. Next Saturday be ready for the BRC Triathlon, or just come cheer on your friends. I’m sure he will post more information this week for participants and volunteers, but here’s his last update:


The field is set! We have 20 participants and a full slate of volunteers. Looking forward to the 18th. I'll be forwarding instructions to both groups the week of the event.


I kept the field at 20 to keep the group size down due to COVID but if there are others that would like to participate, I can put you on a waiting list. If there are confirmed participants that for some reason cannot participate, please let me know as soon as possible so that another can take your place.


Aaron #102





·         15 July 2020:   BRC Weeknight 5K

o    Moved to Wednesday nights

·         18 July 2020:   BRC Triathlon

·         28 July 2020:   Tuesday Night Special Programming (More details to follow soon)  

·         19 Sep 2020:   Barkley Fall Classic

·         4 Oct 2020:     Trot for Special Tots

·         19 Dec 2020:   BRC Christmas Run


Fall PR’s are built out of summer sweat.





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