BRC Run – 12/28 – 0645 – Foster/Winter/Great Pond – 8.6 mi

27. December 2019 News 0

I’m on vacation.

What happens when a radio host goes on vacation? How about a live TV show cast? That great band you usually see every week at the bar? Well, they use pre-recorded information to fill the gap. I’m taking some time off from this job, and enjoying the lengthening days. Today, we’re filling the gap. Here’s a run plan for the Ultimate run from 2018. Good times…


Simple Plan

This week, we’ll step back a bit and take an easier run. This is a nice scenic route, once you’re done with Salem St. A few hills at the end. Take your time.

Not interested in that many miles? Run short and slow past Smolak Farms. Note the counter-clockwise route. This loop is approx. 5.75 miles


Find Your Dress Whites/Dress Grays

I am given to understand that we have a number of un-initiated new members. We will be having a BRC Induction night in mid-January. Keep your eyes out for the notices, and be ready to welcome our new members.


Mailing List Maintenance

I’ve neglected the mailing list for some time. I have several of you listed on the BCC: list, and haven’t gotten you set up in Google Groups. Watch for email form me over the holidays regarding the proper registration. If anyone is having mailing list difficulties, reach out and let me know.



·         Tuesday — BRC New Year’s Eve 5K

Start at Rolf’s at 645 AM. Same route as the Tuesday night run, obvs. Bar will likely be closed. REFLECTIVE SAFETY GEAR is REQUIRED

·         Items for 2020 to come…




This New Year I resolve to regain my fitness and lose all the weight I gained because of the accident. I also resolve to stop calling 2019 “The Accident.”




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