BRC Run – 12/07 – 0645 – Ballardvale – 10.2 mi [BORDER]

06. December 2019 News 0

Where did the Sun go?

Oh, I see it down there, slinking its way farther south. This time of year just gets to me. Silly Eating Season is in full swing, and I should be able to be running the food away with more and more miles, not sitting in the dark waiting for the faint glow of Mr. Sun to help guide my way across the frozen wastes of the North Andover roads (we’ll talk about that GREAT plowing job later…) I’ve even taken to keep my hope up by staring at a lightbulb next to my desk, pretending it’s old Sol rising above a summer beach. Don’t get me wrong, now. I love the snow. I love the cold. Snowmageddon-type events keep my spirits high. It’s the damn DARK I can’t stand. Today I even used The Googles to find a sweet “countdown to the Winter Solstice” page, which says 15 days, 17 hours, and a few minutes as I write to you this morning. It has me feeling low, but that there is (literally) light at the end of the (figurative) tunnel.


All that is super interesting, but can you just tell me where we’re running?

My rumination regarding my seasonal malaise may not interest you much. Even if you share the manifestation of this peculiar shadowy mood, you would not be inclined to ponder its extent in your own self, let alone in mine. So I shall cease my useless drivel and get to the heart of the matter. Go run to Ballardvale in South Andover. Have fun. The sun will return soon, bringing all the glory of winter.


Find Your Dress Whites/Dress Grays

I am given to understand that we have a number of un-initiated new members. We should be having a BRC Induction night soon. Keep your eyes out for the notices, and be ready to welcome our new members.


Mailing List Maintenance

I’ve neglected the mailing list for some time. I have several of you listed on the BCC: list, and haven’t gotten you set up in Google Groups. Watch for email form me regarding the proper registration. If anyone is having mailing list difficulties, reach out and let me know.



·         Tuesday — BRC Weekly 5K

Start at Rolf’s at 645 pm. Food, drink, and good company to follow. REFLECTIVE SAFETY GEAR is REQUIRED

·         Dec 8th – Jingle Bell Half Marathon

·         Dec 14th – The Assault on Mt. Hood

·         Dec 21st – BRC Christmas Run




Silly Eating Season becomes more hazardous if you can’t run. Pace yourself, both on the roads, and in the dining room.





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