BRC Run – 10/26 – 0645 – AWAY GAME: 30 Main St. Topsfield – Choose Your Own Distance

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First Things First

Congratulations to Aaron Preston and Pete Waterman becoming the 17th and 18th individuals to complete The Crawl. Truly a remarkable accomplishment. Also, great work to everyone else who came out at such an early hour to help get things going, and catch a few miles and borders along the way.


But most of all, a big thank you to Mat Demers for continuing to organize and support this event year after year. It takes time and much effort, and I would think we ALL appreciate your dedication.


Plus, it gave me the week off from trying to find something interesting and somewhere fun to send a bunch of runners.


Speaking of which…

You would think that with Mat’s takeover last week, I would have been planning ahead and working feverishly to secure a plan for this week’s run. Well, it’s after 0930 on a Friday morning, and I’ve only got the bare outlines of a plan. Hopefully it works out.

In years past, we have often dedicated the last run before Halloween to be a costume run. People have generally complied, some going over the top. Well, with the advent of the Tuesday night runs at Rolf’s, it just so happens that this coming Tuesday night is the last run before Halloween. Paul told me that would be the ideal day for a costume run. I agree. You could wear a much more cumbersome outfit for 3 miles than you might wish to endure for 10-15 miles. Plus beer. Sounds like fun, and that frees me up to think of something else to do instead of just copying last year’s run. Again.

So, given all of that, let’s try this. You might be vaguely aware that it is fall.  Temperatures have started to drop. Leaves are changing colors and falling off the trees. Large yellow vehicles full of small humans are blocking your way to work in the morning and listening to you vent your rage loudly at their parents who needed to drive them to the end of the driveway because it’s 55 degrees. OK, maybe I’m the only one venting. Anyway, since it’s autumn, I thought it might be fun if we went for a run among the trees. Maybe somewhere we don’t usually get the chance to run as a group. Maybe somewhere that also has a nice parking lot, and a place to get a cup of coffee, or some breakfast afterward. Maybe you’ll join me and come run your own distance on the Topsfield Linear Common. Now, I admit this is just an out-and-back, but it includes enough nice scenery that you might not notice until the people faster than you start to pass you on the way back. You can choose however far you’d like to run.  

As an example, here’s the 5-mile route:

If you keep going to the next street crossing, (Wenham St) you can get 8 miles out-and-back.

Continue on to Poplar St (after crossing Chester) you can get almost 11 miles.

I think you get the idea. If unsure, just run until you are half-tired, then turn around and run back.

At the finish (technically, also at the start) is the Bagel Bin Deli. It’s address is 30 Main Street, Topsfield. Second breakfast is the most rewarding meal of the day.

BRC Express

There’s a shortcut. If you turn around when you are a quarter-tired, you can return to the start and only be half-tired.





·         Tuesday — BRC Weekly 5K

Halloween Costume Run! Start at Rolf’s at 645 pm. Food, drink, and good company to follow. EVEN WITH A COSTUME, REFLECTIVE SAFETY GEAR is REQUIRED

Details to follow?

·         Nov 3rd – New York City Marathon

·         Nov 28th – Feaster Five

·         Dec 8th – Jingle Bell Half Marathon

·         Dec 14th – The Assault on Mt. Hood

·         Dec 21st – BRC Christmas Run



Why on Earth do you keep reading this? He never writes anything clever here.





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