BRC Run – 09/21 – 0645 – Seasons Change – 9.8 mi

20. September 2019 News 0

Seasons are Changing


Back in my youth, before we understood sunspots, the ionosphere, and space weather, we called all of this uncertainty “seasons.”  In memory of those simpler times, I think we should run from Summer St. into Winter. Get it? 

Maybe you’re not ready to give up on summer just yet. Maybe you want to enjoy it fully, slide into autumn, and then pray for a brief, not-too-cold two weeks before spring. Well, just stay on Summer St if you want to be like that. The BRC 10K Route might have what you’re seeking.

BRC Express

Still too many miles? Go run the 5K route, and pretend that you never have to face the end of Summer.


Reach the Beach

What a great time, if I remember it right. Not sure. Kind of fuzzy. Thanks for all the hard work, Captains and those who generously donated time, and space, accommodations and refreshments. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. At least as much as a hot shower after 30 hours in a van.



·         Tuesday — BRC Weekly 5K

Start at Rolf’s at 645 pm. Food, drink, and good company to follow. REFLECTIVE SAFETY GEAR is REQUIRED

·         September 28thMiddlemiss Big Heart 5K

·         September 29th Clarence DeMar Marathon

·         October 6th (Sunday) – Trot for Special Tots

Come help with a great cause. More details are supposed to be coming? Elin?



OK, whose sock is this? Did anyone find a green charging cable? How did I get this bruise? Those 2 beers in the cooler are mine. No, you can keep the cookies. Ah, good times.





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