BRC Run – 07/27 – 0645 – Haverhill the Hard Way – 11.4 mi [BORDERS]

26. July 2019 News 0
HardWay.jpgThere is no Easy Way.

I’ve been trying to avoid this route of late, because the easy bailout would take you through construction zones on 133. Probably not too safe. So, go do it the Hard WayTM. Get Haverhill, and the optional Boxford as necessary. Remember, members. Keep track of RWOBs and report their borders to mgt. Pictures are welcome, too.

BRC Express

A little bit longer than the usual BRC Express route, but you get to stay with the club for the first few miles. Go run by Smolak and get a donut, you slackers. I’ll be there.


Hey! Some people are going to Yankee Homecoming

On July 30th many BRC members will be running in the 5K or 10mile races in Newburyport for Yankee Homecoming. Use your noodle and find a carpool that fits your style of afterparty.


Mailing List backlog in Progress

I emailed some recent BCC: addresses this week (ok, yesterday) and got some new RWOBs on the mailing list. I have several more to contact.



·         Tuesday — BRC Weekly 5K

Even though many will be at Yankee Homecoming, this thing just keeps going. Start at Rolf’s at 645 pm. Food, drink, and good company to follow.

·         July 30th – Yankee Homecoming

·         September 13th – Reach the Beach


Sorry, I was at the dentist.







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