BRC Run – 7/28 – A Visit Down South – 6 miles

27. July 2018 News 0

Hey Y’All!

The summer heat really has me thinking about the warmer parts of the country. Friendly people, Gulf Shore breezes, Sweet Tea, magnolias, peaches, and good barbecue…Oh wait. We can’t really run to the South. Maybe with this sticky weather, we’ll keep it simple this week, and just go back and visit our neighbors in South Andover again. Whatever. It’s a border.

Yankee Homecoming

I know many of you are planning on running Yankee Homecoming this week. Have a great time. Take lots of pictures and send them to us. Reach out for carpool ideas.

On the Horizon: The BRC Ultra Border Crawl

I started a conversation this week with our BRC Ultra coordinator.  It’s coming. All interested participants should inform the planners of their intentions, and of their October races by the end of next week so we can settle on a date. You can still opt-in for the Crawl, but the date will be set soon.

Hey y'all. Hold my beer and watch this.




Countdown Calendar
Greenway 5K 8/12/2018                16
Reach the Beach Relay 9/14/2018                49
Clarence DeMar Marathon 9/30/2018                65
Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon 9/30/2018                65
Chicago Marathon 10/7/2018                72
Knights on the Run 5K 10/20/2018                85
Baystate Marathon and Half 10/21/2018                86

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