BRC Run – 7/7 – Boxford’s Other Border – 9 miles

06. July 2018 News 0

People Want Borders

We have recently enrolled a number of new RWOBs in the mailing lists. I believe some of them actually will come run with us. We also have some long-time RWOBs who are recommitting to achieving their borders. Whatever the cause, this week we will use that multi-purpose route, which can be cut short if you are pressed for time, or can be stretched all the way to a general store if you’re in real training. For the bulk of you, 9 miles out to the Boxford border should be sufficient.



The BRC Tri is One Week Away!

The BRC Triathlon is coming July 14th. It will start at the Common with a 5 mile bike ride out to Boxford followed by a 500 yard swim in Stiles Pond and a 5 mile bike ride back to the Common, culminating with a 5K run along the July 4th race course. The BRC TRI gets all types, from first timers to competitive types who are prepping for their next race. 

Please let Paul O’Neil know if you’re interested in participating at all. Last Chance!


I’d like to thank the Members of the Academy, NECCO wafers, International Business Machines, Aeronaut Brewing, and Krazy Glue. Without your support, I would never be when I am today.




Countdown Calendar
BRC Triathlon 7/14/2018                  8
Greenway 5K 8/12/2018                37
Reach the Beach Relay 9/14/2018                70
Clarence DeMar Marathon 9/30/2018                86

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