BRC Run – 2/10 – Be Mine – 9 Miles

09. February 2018 News 0
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True Romance?

A smart, handsome and sexy young man dressed in the most sophisticated manner walked into the bar. He noticed a woman staring at him without blinking her eyes with an open mouth. Flattered, he approached the woman and said in his sexiest deep voice – "I'll do anything you wish, beautiful lady, for just $20 but on one condition." The woman was trapped in a moment and asked as if in a trance – "What's your condition?" The young man replied, "Tell me your wish in just three words." After a long pause, woman opened her purse, counted the money and handed it to the man along with her address. She then looked deeply into his eyes and whispered, "Clean my house."


The Route

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you’re a cynic that believes it a commercial mess, or a romantic who finds any excuse to celebrate his love, a nice long run will let you ponder its true meaning. Since Brook Street is closed, we’re making a small modification to one of our past routes. Here’s a remade BRC Sweetheart Run: A shorter option would be to run the first 3 miles with the club, then turn around and return to the Common.


Some Congratulations

In case anybody wasn’t watching, we were proud to see Dave #106 compete in and crush the World Marathon Challenge, completing a marathon on Every Continent, Every Day for Seven Days. Total time 32:25:55. Way to go, Dave! Now, where are the border pictures?


BRC Water Brigade

Still no volunteers for this.


We have a number of routes that regularly take us past some members’ houses. On a long run last year, a very wise member suggested to me that we form a small volunteer organization that would be responsible for putting together a water stop on our longer runs. Two or three of you in particular have taken on the burden of doing so whenever the route passes your driveway. I’d like to pool our resources so that you don’t always have to fund it. Others who are not on a regular route, but would like to participate, let me know.


Google Groups Update

Repeat invitations will go out this week. If you think you have not received an invitation to join Google Groups, now is the time to tell me. You can send me email at, and we’ll get it sorted out. Mailing list members who have not joined the google group will soon stop receiving the weekly notices.


Note that we have seen occasional technical issues. Please let me know if you believe you are on the mailing list, yet you do not receive the weekly email. How would you know to tell me, unless you actually received it? – This brief missive is fortunately copied to our website, which you may or may not be perusing.


And there’s a picture of a train…





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