BRC Run – 2/03 – The Groundhog Says… – 8.5 Miles

02. February 2018 News 0
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Will He, or Won’t He?

Today is Groundhog Day. That quaint tradition which allows us to either blame a dirty rodent for six more weeks of treadmill drudgery, or to celebrate our cute furry friend who tells us that spring might actually be just around the corner. The days are starting to get longer, even if the cold is a little more intense overall, but you know that it is February. The days may get sunny, windy, snowy or icy, regardless of what the burrowing barometer tells us. For you hardcore runners, I think it makes little difference. You’ll be out there on the roads anyway. Keep your eyes out for Punxsutawney Phil.


The Route

I saw that on some training plans for Boston, people can already be up to 17-milers. Not everybody wants that much breakfast. For tomorrow, we’ll do a nice loop around town for 8.5. Take Salem to Foster, Winter, and then then cut through to Great Pond and come back.


If you want 17 miles, rinse and repeat.


As a slightly shorter option, you can take a shortcut, but make sure you get to enjoy all of the elevation change on Great Pond.


BRC Water Brigade

We have a number of routes that regularly take us past some members’ houses. On a long run last year, a very wise member suggested to me that we form a small volunteer organization that would be responsible for putting together a water stop on our longer runs. Two or three of you in particular have taken on the burden of doing so whenever the route passes your driveway. I’d like to pool our resources so that you don’t always have to fund it. Others who are not on a regular route, but would like to participate, let me know.


Google Groups Update

Invitations have gone out to all of the RWOB members of the mailing list. If you think you have not received an invitation to join Google Groups, now is the time to tell me. You can send me email at, and we’ll get it sorted out.

·        Note that invitations expire after one week.

·        For those with posting privileges, PLEASE don’t use this list to spam the group with non-running-related things. Even then, use your judgement.

·        We’re growing, but are not too large to be faceless.  You can contact me any time you have an issue.

·        Quite soon, I will stop going to extraordinary lengths to keep everyone on the list. You can always re-request an invitation or find us on the website.







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