BRC Run – 9/16 – 0645 – Reach Your Own Beach

14. September 2017 News 0

Looks like a lot of us are away this weekend

I know we’ve got a lot of members and friends who will be in New Hampshire this weekend, terrorizing the locals, and committing general mayhem while running from Bretton Woods to Hampton Beach. Given the opportunity, some people thought it might be a good time to “make suggestions” to me for our route plans this weekend. However, I had thought I’d put together this route for Saturday anyway.


Reach the Beach

I can’t remember all of the names of all of the teams with which we’re associated. I know there’s Don’t Wait For Us (Eleventh Year!) and the ultra (ultimate) team Wait For Us. Then there’s team What Are U Waiting 4? We have another member or two who might be on Commotion to the Ocean. And I think we have one on High Mile Club. (giggle)  I know there are more, but please forgive me if I missed you. We also note the passing of other teams. You’ll be missed, or absorbed. Also note our Command Center will be staffed by robots who are busy in the garden. But if you wanted to see pictures of the antics that may or may not occur along the way, check out the page that Frank D set up for us.


You Don’t Have to Miss Out

You can STILL go reach the beach. It will just be a different beach. Go for a swim. Have fun. See you next week.




No person or entity associated with this run received payment or anything of value, or entered into any agreement, in connection with the depiction of running products. No animals were harmed in the making of this running route. Joining BRC has been known to impair judgement and make you think you’re funnier than you are in actual life. Repetition makes the heart grow fonder. To be honest, I’m just hoping that I can get into a groove of writing on Saturdays after the run, so I don’t half-ass it like this anymore. Of course, I’ll be in NH next weekend running Reach the Beach with Team DWFU, and I may not be thinking about this too much. I will try to plan a few weeks ahead. Trust me, I’m just getting started. Now this week is almost a “punt.” I really did think that sending you guys to another beach would be fun, and I almost put together 2 routes, but I figure if people are away, I didn’t want to further split the group.








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