The BRC 12 Beers of Christmas 2018 Beer 0: Goose Island Bourbon County Stout 2018

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The BRC 12 Beers of Christmas 2018 Beer 0: Goose Island Bourbon County Stout 2018
Type: Not Miller High Life ABV: 14.7% Estimated calories per bottle: 630 Time running to burn off calories: 43 minutes Worth the extra miles: 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺 #andawaywego #gooseisland #bourboncountystout #bcs2018 #belatedblackfriday #doorsopenat6onthursday #morebeersthanmiles #borderlinerunningclub #brc #craftbeer #running #runchat #beertruck #northandover #brc12beersofchristmas

BRC Run – 12/08 – 0645 – West Boxford – 7.5 miles

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Where? I had thought about suggesting we (you) run another extremely long border run this weekend, but I know many are going to The Assault on Mt. Hood tomorrow. So, we’lll have a “step back” week and run one of my faves. Head out to West Boxford. There’s a store at the midpoint where a ...

BRC Run – 11/17 – 0645 – Feaster Warm-Up – 9.3 miles

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It’s Coming Silly Eating Season is almost here. According to Wiley’s “Most Obscure Seasons and Why You Should be Prepared” the tradition of Silly Eating Season began in 1543 when King Henry VIII was having such a joyous time, he didn’t want his annual harvest feast to end; so he encouraged the Royal Guard to ...

BRC Run – 11/03 – 0645 – Hills in Andover – 6.8 miles

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Running in the rain Meat and Potatoes While not a long run, this is a challenging course due to the hills. Keep the ascent back home in mind before you use all your energy going downhill. Touch the border for fun. Most of you already have collected it, but it’s not guaranteed that everyone has. ...

BRC Run – 10/27 – 0645 – Halloween Run – 7.4 miles

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Halloween It’s that time of year when the shadows grow a little longer, that silly black bird keeps "quothing" at me, and the voices in my head kick into high gear. The floorboards won’t stop thumping, every other dude has a hook on his hand, and grandma’s out of the asylum again. Just remember: we ...

BRC Run – 10/20 – West Boxford – 7.5 mi [BORDER]

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No Content I’ve hit a wall, and have nothing to write about. Burned out and overwhelmed right now. Here’s some sample stock autumn-slash-running topics:  The trees are starting to look nice. Some friends of ours ran another Ultra. (Good job, guys) Some ladies won raffles at Whirlaway. Stuff happened. Good luck to anyone running the ...

BRC Run – 10/13 – North Reading – 13.5 mi [BORDER]

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Congratulations All Around In the past two weeks, we’ve had first Halves, Marathon triumphs and Ultra dreams come true. Smutty, Chicago, and The Crawl were well represented. Congratulations to those who left it all out on the course. I’ve become generally afraid to call out specific people, because I would inevitably leave someone off. Not ...