BRC Run – 08/07 – 0645 – Foster/Winter/Great Pond – 8.6 mi

06. August 2021 News 0

Do you know what I miss? Trees.

This is a stock photo I found online that claims there’s a tree here. I have not seen it. I have been told by friends who made home visits that one of the things that strikes them when they get back to CONUS is all the trees. I didn’t realize how much I miss them, while I’m running a back-and-forth combination of treadmill, and the dusty dirt path at my work site. Most days the dust in the air makes it hard to see far enough to see where real trees might be. You have a better option than running in dirt. You can run a route that has a nice tree-covered portion. Go out Salem St and run Foster St, Winter Street, and Great Pond. Enjoy the lack of dust and sand.






Congratulations to our new inductees Tony, Jake, Bill, Sarah, and Brandon. Your life in the club is just beginning. Help new RWOBs find the most exclusive beer-drinking club with a running problem: spread the word so that when we eventually induct members with four-digit numbers, you will be seen as one of the pioneers. Sorry I wasn’t able to make it to the highlight of your entire social calendar for the year, but I was unavoidably detained elsewhere. I look forward to many miles with you in the future. Congratulations on this major accomplishment.



·         18 Sep 2021 – Reach the Beach

·         11 Oct 2021 – BAA Boston Marathon


Looking for permission to send some actual pictures. Wait until the camel races start in the fall!





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