BRC Run – 3/5 – 0645 – Salem – 12.9 mi [BORDERs]

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Instant Gratification for Everyone!

Frank has set the date. Now we’ve got one last push for you to get those borders. In days of yore, one had to wait for specific borders to be planned, and then determine if one were free that Saturday. Sometimes people missed their last border for months, or even longer. These days, who has time for that? My interest may very well wane with the capricious nature of the multitude of leisure activities presented to me. In fact, knowing that Emmett needed this particular border, the little imp on my shoulder suggested I make him wait for it. Then I heard that Alyssa may also need this border, and (since I don’t know her well enough to mess around that way) the devil on the other shoulder said “Look, the temperature will only get to 15° or 16° by the time they start… That’s PLENTY bad weather.” Because I remembered that this run should be completed when it’s not perfect running weather.  Maybe I’ll get home someday and get to run with new members and RWOBs the way nature intended.  You should take advantage of this opportunity and make the RWOBs run with you at your pace, and mix it up some. You might make a new …friend. 

            Larry Meth Sally:  (12.9) 


As I said, Frank set the Date.

Frank called it. It looks like Thursday, March 17th is the next BRC Induction Night. It will be held on the Common. Ski movies are optional, but the fun and friendship is mandatory. (Don’t worry, I hear most people in Massachusetts are used to mandates by now.)  Bring some folding money for a donation to the organizations hosting this event, and the food. Bring along some beverages? Any RWOBs out there looking for particular borders be aware that this Saturday and next Saturday are the last weekend runs before the big day. And I don’t yet know what next week holds, but…Instant Gratification!


Another BRC Team

Carol was looking ahead and set up a BRC Team option for Yankee Homecoming on Tuesday, August 2nd. Come out and have a great midweek run for a change.

That’s two team runs that I know of, including the Coleen Ritzer 5K.

Keep ‘em coming.



·         13 Mar 2022 – Malden ½ Marathon

·         14 Mar 2022 – Colleen Ritzer 5K

·         17 Mar 2022 – BRC Induction Night

·         27 Mar 2022 – Eastern States 20-miler

·         2 Apr 2022 – Runamuck 50k

·         10 April 2022 – Cheap Marathon

·         18 April 2022 – BAA Boston Marathon

·         7 May 2022 – Manchester 2 Monadnock

·         21 May 2022 – Keys 100 relay

·         23 May 2022 – The Harpoon 5-Miler

·         4 Jun 2022 – Chocura 25k

·         21 through 24 Jul 2022 – PT281+ Ultramarathon

·         2 Aug – Yankee Homecoming

·         16-17 Sep – Reach the Beach

·         17 Sep 2022 – Barkley Fall Classic

o    If you like pain and snakes or climbing downed powerlines in thunderstorms, come play.

·         25 Sep 2022 – Berlin Marathon

·         2 Oct 2022 – London Marathon

o    Go Maura!

·         8-9 Oct 2022 – Midstate Massive Ultra Trail Marathon



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