BRC Run – 2/12 – 0645 – Haverhill – 11.4 mi [BORDER]

11. February 2022 News 0

Borders, borders, borders

A little squirrel whispered in my ear the other day that there may be an induction of new members in the works. Usually that means a scramble for people to finish that last little piece or get really motivated and tackle several towns at once. Make it a fun trip and travel with different members or RWOBs. Enjoy the satisfaction of having a swarm of club members greet you at the finish of your final border in the Common for celebratory beverages and swag, and club photos with all the members. Revel in the glow of your membership in the only club worth joining in North Andover, among all clubs that run on Saturdays at 6:45am. Anyone can join a team or earn a badge. This is really a club in the spirit of the word. People you can count on (for a run). Someone who can provide an ear (on the run) for your troubles. Someone to give you a new pair of nylons (when you have a run). Wait. Maybe not that last one.

Ultimately, membership in the BRC (for me) really means having a well-formed band of drinking buddies who occasionally like to run.

Do it the Hard Way

Great. So that’s out of the way. Let’s go get those borders. We haven’t done this one in a few months, and at least one RWOB needs it for her collection. Go hit Haverhill. Do it the Hard way. Hit the optional Boxford border if you need it.

Haverhill the Hard Way:    11.4


TARCtic Frozen Cookie?

I don’t usually know when people run races, since I haven’t had much time to spend stalking them on the Intarwebs, but I did happen to see that Chris Parker ran the 15-miler at the TARCtic Frozen Yeti. I remembered it because I really like the idea of a cookie instead of a medal. Great job Chris!




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