BRC Run – 12/25 – 0645 – Christmas Day – 3-6 mi

24. December 2021 News 0


You expect me to run on Christmas Day? What about the wife and kids? Well we know that BRC is serious business, and there will always be someone who needs a run. Get out of the jammies, and wade through the debris from Chinese food boxes and wrapping madness. (By the way, that happens even here in Doha – we’re going to the Shanghai Club tonight for dinner. Lots of expats, you know.) Now, I can’t MAKE you go run, obvs, but it would be a lot cooler if you did.


The Route  

You’ve heard about Christmas in July? Have some Independence Day on Christmas.

BRC 4th of July 10K :    6.2

BRC 4th of July 5K:    3.1

Santa is coming…

NORAD is on the job. For the 66th year, the North American Aerospace Defense Command will keep the watch over St. Nick’s journey across the globe. Find out more here.



·         28 May 2022 – xxxx


Happy Holidays






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