BRC Run – 10/23 – 0645 – West Boxford – 7.5 mi [BORDER]

22. October 2021 News 0

Morning Runs in the Sun

Maybe I’ve ranted to you before about DST, and my thoughts about why it should end. I apologize for the rant, but sometimes I will take advantage of this platform. At the end of the day, I can reduce it to one simple idea, that for me, trumps the other benefits. I like morning runs in daylight. Standard time seems to give me more opportunity for that. Perhaps it’s selfish of me, but I enjoy the morning. I know it’s not for everybody. If you’re interested, here is a website that discusses positive reasons to end DST. If you fall into the TL/DR crowd, here’s my favorite fall run, and we will do it tomorrow:


West Boxford(7.5mi)

Even shorter (5.7mi)


The normal route has West Boxford Provisions, and the opportunity to get a drink. The shorter route has donuts. DONUTS. Seems like an easy choice to me. Bee-Tee-Dub, I’ve talked to a few of you who would like slower and shorter runs available more often. Slower and shorter is my jam, too. That’s where I plan to be, at least for this week. Keep an eye out for more opportunities at slow/short. I think enough people are interested to make it worthwhile.



·         14 Nov 2021 – Run for the Troops

·         25 Nov 2021 – Feaster Five

·         XX Dec 2021 – BRC Christmas Run


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