BRC Run – 09/04 – 0645 – North Reading – 13.5 mi [BORDERs]

03. September 2021 News 0

One more stop in the Pre-RTB Buildup

With time waning before the launch of the relay this year, let’s keep hitting borders to help some of the RWOBs become members before they support our RTB teams. I’ve put together the most common routes over the last several weeks. This week, you can go hit North Reading (and Middleton if necessary). Next week will be a wildcard. If you know of an RWOB who could complete his or her borders if only there were one more run, then let me know, and we can maybe schedule it for next weekend. For now, go get North Reading.


Speak up! What teams are running? I know DWFU and Wait for Us are both in. Who else?


North Reading (13.5):




·         18 Sep 2021 – Reach the Beach

·         11 Oct 2021 – BAA Boston Marathon


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