BRC Run – 03/20 – 0645 – Clearing the Rolls – 11.2 mi [BORDER]

19. March 2021 News 0

Spring Cleaning

Our mailing list has too many entries to manage effectively (or in my case even poorly.) We have been adding new RWOBs to the list almost weekly. Many of you old-timers may not realize that BRC is still a thing and have redirected your Saturday mornings to other purpose. Some haven’t been seen or heard from in a very long time. Therefore, effective midnight the following names will be removed from the BRC rolls and mailing list:


Tom Fallow

Tessie Davids  

Marylouise Brame  

Sherri Tingler  

Yetta Birge  

Aileen Weisberg  

Lorriane Jarosz  

Elda Demuth  

Afton Skolnick  

Ralph Rierson  

Kareem Barna  

Nadine Mongold  

Lauri Theodore  

Luna Ricca  

Paul Rodgers

Shanae Scovil  

Kamilah Wierenga  

Eura Sarkisian  

Vergie Beachy  

Dori Zakrzewski  

Sharee Shutt  

David Barbala

Phyllis Furlow  

Glayds Schier  

Tanna Rhines  

Vernia Meraz  

Stephine Wilmoth  

Isidro Hollister  

Antony Mitchener  

Laveta Heald  

Kiesha Sutcliffe  

Tisa Youngman  

Angela Abbeys

Michael Buble

Sanda Firkins  

Edie Boddie  

Celinda Girton  

Marie Opitz  

Melodi Hires  

Evelin Wixom  

Mohamed Cabot  

Aundrea Angevine  

Dan Lionheart

Molly Farlow  

Callie Speer  

Margaretta Rawling  

Donte Messineo  

Zelma Espana  

Gerry Lee

Alex Lifeson

Neal Peart

Stu Sutcliffe

Gemma Baratta  

Pamela Aitchison  

Shayne Mooneyham  

Gabriella Giblin  

Suzy Toone  

Karmen Elfrink  

Beatriz Bautch  

Lindsay Parsons  

Omer Ruoff  

Olga Tomahawk

Todd Venegas  

Zbigniew Brzezinski

Karine Stumbaugh  

Kai Harkless  

Brittney Mcconnell  

Angelica Willcox  

Summer Steinhauer  

Idella Nowack  

Meagan Farris  

Damaris Bremner  

Pok Heidelberg  

Lorrie Polen  

Sharonda Helms  

Margherita Rooney  

Joy Broadus  

Debora Weast  

Loren Klutts  

Staci Bounds  

Teressa Sprau  

Khalilah Toner  

Sindy Wymore  

Terence Buttery  

Woodrow Laseter  

Kristle Sparling  

Piedad Metts  



If you read this far, and did not find your name on the list, be assured you will continue to receive the same low-quality and unverified “information” every week that you are accustomed to skipping over, while looking to see where we’re running first before you decide to get out of bed. Just stop scrolling and get there. I have deemed the benefits of BRC to the greater community makes you an essential worker under DHS guidelines, using no authority whatsoever.


If somehow my random name generator actually generated a REAL name, and it’s you then please understand it’s not you, it’s me. I forgot to check if my list really included essential BRC personnel. You’re STILL essential. But we may have a laugh about it later.


So, go ski. You have a few more weeks. Sleep in if you like, because although Spring is coming, it’s not quite here. You are invited to attend expected to show occasionally at the Common. It’s for the good of others that we need to see you.



That’s all the "creativity" I had today. Go attack Middleton. Turn back early if you want a shorter route.





·         24 Mar 2021: BRC Weeknight 5K



I know it’s an old joke. But I still get Rickrolled sometimes, too. I think that’s OK, because apparently, even Rick Astley got Rickrolled.











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