BRC Run – 02/20 – 0645 – Salem St – 9.1 mi [BORDER]

19. February 2021 News 0

Maybe you need to Decide

I went for a short shakeout run today, and as I was trying desperately not to slip and kill myself, I realized we’re in the thick of it. This is always a hard time for the club. Mid-sized snowstorms are generally not cleared aggressively, making the roads narrow. Drivers, many still in mandated lockdowns, aren’t quite sure how to drive anymore (maybe need a driving test instead of a Chynah virus test…) Plenty of our ranks are off skiing, and it’s school vacation week, to boot! I didn’t see any really great roads out there to send you on, and I am not really going to suggest you run laps around the Common (although that may be funny.) So I was about to throw in the towel when my daughter made a comment about it being too snowy to run. “But wait,” I thought. “We’re the ever-loving Borderline Running Club. We don’t stop.” So, I figure we HAVE to run. How about this? Show up, and if you feel safe enough, run to Boxford via Salem Street. If one of you knows a safer, more clear route, take that. Just keep everyone together.


                SalemSt to Boxford (9.1):



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Just stay safe out there. Good luck. We’re all counting on you.






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