BRC Run – 01/30 – 0645 – Holly Effing Ridge – 5.4 mi

29. January 2021 News 0
Cold? What Cold?

Thank goodness we are in between the snow “storms” for this week’s run. Don’t get me wrong. I love the big heavy storms, but they make it hard to want to run sometimes. Right now, the roads should be mostly clear, although there are spots of ice around for sure. And tomorrow’s “feels like” temperature is somewhere south of zero. When it gets like this outside, you do not want to be out for hours and hours. You still want a workout that makes it worth getting out of bed, but you want to be safer and smarter about it.  Enter Holly Ridge. You can get some good hills under your feet. Work up a sweat. Feel accomplished. Make sure you don’t step on a slick spot. Yes, I’m talking to you.


                Holly Effing Ridge: 

An Appeal from a Founder


Hello BRC crew,


BRC#1 Tom here.  I hope everyone has been well during these times.  Normally, this time of year many of us are busy training for Boston, but don't worry, that time will come again,….very soon, we all hope.  In the meantime, with the absence of Boston, I have an opportunity for Our Club to participate in a virtual run/event for the Fighting HARD Foundation, a foundation that provides financial support for families who have children that Have A Rare Disease.  I am participating.  Please check out the link below for more information about the foundation and how to register (or make a donation), for the event. I will try to set up a Team BRC, so look for it if/when you register, I personally know members of their board and said I would reach out to the Club.  This is their first event, so, if you can, please help out.  Our Club's participation would be very much appreciated by the kids and their families.  Thanks everyone!!


Things You Would Think I Know, but in Reality, I Don’t

Every week I encourage you to get out and make a run with the club, and sometimes I even manage to write something that makes you chuckle a bit. (Or maybe just me.) Occasionally I get questions about what’s going on with the club, who needs what borders, when are we going to run to Utah, or what is the chemical composition of caffeine. Things like that. I generally try to cobble together an answer for you, but the truth is that it’s all fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, off-the-cuff nonsense designed to get me out of the target zone. Working nights makes it difficult to attend morning runs with the club, and I’m a little out of touch. For real: Nobody Tells Me Anything.


Please. Share. Tell me your ideas for a run. Tell me what borders you have, and what towns you need. Offer up a charity or a discount you may know of. I’d like to know what’s going on.


          3 Feb 2021:     BRC Weeknight 5K? Bueller?



What could be better than icicles in your beard?






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