BRC Run – 12/12– 0645 – Foster/Winter/Great – 8.6 miles

11. December 2020 News 0

We are all familiar with Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. What may not be as familiar is a Victorian tradition of telling ghost stories at Christmastime. What does that have to do with running? I don’t know. It was just intended to keep your mind off the fact that this is a short email, and you might be able to read SOMETHING that’s actually interesting or entertaining. Second random item: the evenings are lasting longer. The days are still getting shorter, but you evening people can breathe a sigh of relief as your evening time will have more daylight. Morning people: we still suffer in the encroaching darkness. Nine more days. Oh, and to the real point of this weekly email, here’s a route:





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·         16 Dec 2020:   BRC Weeknight 5K

·         19 Dec 2020:   BRC Christmas Run

o    Stand by for details this week!



…and then it was dark






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