BRC Run – 11/21– 0645 – BRC in Protest – 9.3 miles

20. November 2020 News 0

A Manifesto-ette

Darker and darker days! Colder temperatures! Wind and chill and rain! Narrowing streets from debris, and eventually snow! This will not stand. These conditions being imposed from above are untenable. I feel my rights as a morning runner are being infringed and I will be heard. I will run as many miles as it takes until the powers that be submit to my running and grant positive redress for these heinous crimes. My feet will drag across the pavement of ours and neighboring towns until all will Rightfully acknowledge that runners deserve to run. Only when I am free to run, and run again shall I no longer be aggrieved. Any and all who so solemnly agree that this malfeasance must end should muster at 0645 in the town Common in order to demonstrate the positive effect of our affectation. Join me as we roam the streets as runners, and run for all to see. Only when the days are bright and warm shall we be free as runners to not run in the cold and dark, and in finality aQuit our oppressors.


Um, OK… but where?

Although it is virtual this year, the cross-town gang is hosting their annual turkey trot. We will demonstrate by running on the courses, and protest in sweat. Or just run and have some fun.

                Feaster Warmup (9.3 mi) :

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