BRC Run – 08/22 – 0645 – Pippa – 11.2 miles [BORDER]

21. August 2020 News 0

Wrong Turn

You thought I forgot about you this week, didn’t you? Yeah, you. I’m talking specifically to you. Well, this whole week took a wrong turn for me somewhere, and I ran out of time. No new ideas for a route. No work on the mailing list. I was able to get a couple of early-morning starting-to-get-darker runs, but even that was not on schedule. So, what do I typically do for you when I run out of time? Well, I like to pull out “Haverhill the Hard Way.”


But we just did that.


I have an idea. We’re going the other direction, heading to Middleton. To ensure we don’t make a wrong turn tomorrow, keep it simple, and run to the border and back via the “Pippa” route.



Shortcut Route: It’s a simple out-and-back. Turn around when you’re halfway done.


Mailing List News (Redux)

I’ve noticed that I have lapsed in maintaining the mailing list. You would think everyone would have a metric ton of free time these days to handle mundane tasks. However, life doesn’t stop for everyone. There’s serious daydrinking to accomplish in case you weren’t paying attention. And those weeds aren’t going to pick themselves. Heck, some people even still have to go to work, sometimes taking on more of the burden while others are hunkering down in their survival bunkers.


Anyway, some (many) of you are currently only listed in my BCC: list, as I’ve neglected getting you signed up for the real mailing list. Gmail will start to bark at me soon for having “too many recipients,” so I am going to start doing something about it. For realz this time.



·         26 Aug 2020:   BRC Weeknight 5K

·         4 Oct 2020:     Trot for Special Tots

·         19 Dec 2020:   BRC Christmas Run


Be Essential.





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