BRC Run – 08/01 – 0645 – At Least it’s not Holly Ridge – 7.7 miles

31. July 2020 News 0

Garmin’s back! Time for Some Hills

Well, we made it to August. It seems like deer fly season is winding down. Maybe they got the China Virus. It is still a bit hot and humid for my tastes. Now, however, Garmin’s back up and we can all record our run. Let’s do it on some hills. But not Holly Ridge. Forget that.


Chestnut, Johnson, Coventry, Dale (7.7):




·         5 Aug 2020:     BRC Weeknight 5K

o    Back at Rolf’s on Wednesday evenings. Run starts at 6:45PM

·         4 Oct 2020:     Trot for Special Tots

·         19 Dec 2020:   BRC Christmas Run


I like small fonts and I cannot lie.





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