BRC Run – 05/23 – 0645 – West Boxford – 9.3 miles [BORDER]

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Memorial Day

The constant media focused on these abnormal times had me so distracted that I almost forgot this weekend is Memorial Day. Time to take a breath and remember what this holiday is about.  I am not going to ask you to run as a group to the memorials, but I won’t tell you not to do so, either.


Maybe the hills last week were a bit excessive.

Sorry about the hills. You’re tough. You’ll recover. This weekend, we will repeat last year’s Memorial Day run (mostly because I like the route.) Run individually or as a group, as you see fit. I’m not sure what the rules are right now at West Village Provisions, but there may be an opportunity for you to stop and purchase a drink. Carry whatever form of currency you think best. NOTE: All 3 routes return via Dale Street. You can stop and visit the Gallagher memorial as is our custom.


All the way to the memorial (9.3mi):

Shortcut (7.5mi):

Even shorter (5.7mi):


Thank You

I can't adequately describe how much your help and participation means to me. Your generous contributions took our team over the $1000 mark in support of the Angel Fund to fight ALS. This was one of our best totals ever. Thanks also to my road support, Dave, for running the miles with me, and staying for the post-race beers.



Note that some items on this list have been modified.

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