BRC Run – 05/02 – 0645 – April Showers Bring…

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May allergens.

Some of you know what I’m talking about. It’s that time of year, when all the pent-up energy hidden away in the cold of winter is released from the plants all at once in an overabundance of exuberant joy. (Think the first night the bars are open after the scary pandemic) Sure, the colors are great, and the air smells fresh and floral, but for many of us, it means it’s time for the headaches. The sneezing. The watery eyes, and disturbed concentration. These days, it sometimes makes us look like we’ve got the Wu Flu!


If you have seasonal allergies like I do, take comfort knowing there are some easy ways to help make running more bearable with a summer cold or hay fever allergies. Note that there are plenty of different OTC medications that a pharmacist could show you as well. (Sure, you may already know this, but some people developed hay fever allergies later in life and had a bad cold at the time, and maybe thought they were dying. Just hypothetically, of course. Totally not anyone I know.)


So, great. Another week of “no routes.”      Well… Kind of.


We should be once again running in pairs or trios (appropriately distanced), with members STILL escorting RWOBs to the borders. We are the Borderline Running Club. If you have an RWOB friend who needs a border, I think it’s time to pursue it. Over the years, we have had people run borders without the rest of the club, in small undercover groups, clandestine in the night, secretive in their quest to join the storied BRC. Or, you know, whenever was convenient during the week because you had to take the kids to soccer every Saturday at 8:00. Now it’s time to put that chicanery to good use. I know we’ve got at least one new RWOB on the mailing list entry starting today.


But what do I do if I don’t have a pet RWOB? Well, we could set up a matchmaking service. If you are a member who is available to be an escort, or if you are RWOB and would like to get a border or two, drop me a line, and I’ll try to find you a safe running partner. Remember the goal is to run together, maybe learn about someone new, and have a good time. (As usual, it should be done at the slower runner’s pace.)


Good luck.


Virtual Barkley

I know lots of races are going virtual, so I won’t list them all, but this came to my attention this week. I’m not sure if it’s closed, but it sounds interesting. Gary Cantrell (the guy who created the Barkley Marathons) is hosting a 1000k virtual race across Tennessee. Worth reading about.


Tri to Look Ahead to Better Times

That’s no typo… it’s a sprint! That’s right, the BRC Triathlon is being put on the books. Tentatively. Race Director Aaron Preston has set his sights on Saturday, July 18th, global shutdown permitting. Maybe it’s time to get your bike in shape. What else you gonna do? Eat more donuts?


The Dangers of Running in (Overly Large) Groups

I know several of you have seen the same article I have that describes how the 6ft rule is not quite enough if you’re actively moving and being in proximity to others. For us, this is applicable to our running (and cycling) activities. Please use caution when interacting with others, and consider even more extreme distancing when active.



Here’s a decent resource for things to do, and not to do while running in the time of the Covid-19.



It would be nice if “the club” maintained our continuity. If a small group runs (appropriately spread out) from the Common at 6:45, it is still a BRC run. It would be nice if our Saturday club run didn’t go completely virtual. If someone is still planning to run from the Common at 0645, let me know so we have it covered.




Note that some items on this list have been modified.

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